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John Brennan, MSNBC pundit and martyr, says he might sue ‘drunk on power’ Trump over revoked security clearance

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Those you can, do. Those who can’t, whine. That’s the new personal credo of MSNBC talking head John Brennan, the former CIA director under Barack Obama.

Brennan — who has been caught leaking intel to the media — is so triggered that President Trump revoked his security clearance that he’s considering filing a lawsuit.


“A number of lawyers reached out to say there is a very strong case here, not so much to reclaim mine but to prevent this from happening in the future,” Brennan told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. “So I am thinking about what it is that I might want to do. At this time, I’m trying to make sure that the principle is what is going to be defended and supported.”

Brennan added, “I think this is just another example of Mr. Trump trying to frighten and intimidate others. But I can tell you, having worked in the national security and intelligence, these are not the type of people who are bullied or intimidated by the likes of someone like Mr. Trump.”

It’s unclear what “principle” Brennan would defend by suing a sitting United States president for exercising his Constitutional authority to revoke a leaker’s access to classified national security secrets.  Brennan, who has a history of leaking intel to the media, should have been fired (and prosecuted) for that alone.

As BizPac Review previously reported, even former Obama DNI director James Clapper — John Brennan’s anti-Trump comrade at CNN — conceded that revoking a former federal employee’s security clearance does not impinge on his free-speech rights.

Ironically, Brennan accused President Trump of politicizing the CIA and FBI even though former top Obama officials at those intelligence agencies have been caught weaponizing their positions to undermine and obstruct a duly-elected sitting United States president.

“I’m not a lawyer, but I know there is a question about whether or not there is corrupt intent in doing this,” Brennan puffed. “But the fact that he’s using a security clearance of a former CIA director as a pawn in his public relations strategy, I think, is just so reflective of somebody who, quite frankly…is drunk on power. I think he’s abusing the powers of that office.”


Speaking of abuse of power, Brennan was caught lying to Congress, fabricating lies about Benghazi, spying on Donald Trump when he was a private citizen, and providing weapons to ISIS-backed militias in Syria.

Benghazi hero Kris Paronto, an Army Ranger, tore into Brennan for whining over his revoked security clearance after he used U.S. intelligence agencies for partisan political reasons.

“You and the CIA Kool-Aid drinkers punished us for not going along with the Benghazi cover-up story in order to protect you, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama ‘s failures,” Paronto tweeted. “You put your politics before us.”

Meanwhile, here’s a reality check.


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