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Brit Hume whacks CNN’s Stelter with some brutal snark for bragging about anti-Trump media cry-fest

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While CNN’s Brian Stelter had a personal gloat party over the hundreds of anti-Trump editorials across the nation, Brit Hume was one journalist not sharing the enthusiasm.

The Fox News senior political analyst, in fact, revealed he had little to no interest in reading the press cry-fest unleashed nationwide Thursday.

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Hume’s tweet shade was in response to Stelter’s almost giddy celebration of the day’s press collusion against President Donald Trump.

More than 300 newspapers across the country committed to a “Boston Globe-coordinated effort” to run editorials on Thursday purportedly “promoting the freedom of the press, in light of President Trump’s frequent attacks on the media.”

Stelter covered the stunt with a commentary on the air Thursday as well as on his Twitter account.

Some liberal publications did not participate in the collective whining, with many aware – like the San Francisco Chronicle – that the stunt played right into Trump’s hands.

“It plays into Trump’s narrative that the media are aligned against him,” the Chronicle’s editorial board wrote on Thursday.

The president rebuked the Globe for being in “collusion” with the other newspapers while adding, “There is nothing that I would want more for our Country than true FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.”

In his tweet responding to Stelter’s fanfare, Hume summed up how many were feeling about the Boston Globe initiative.

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