Tucker blasts press for hysteria over Brennan’s revoked clearance, says it’s the ‘definition’ of ‘state media’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson mocked the media hysteria over MSNBC pundit John Brennan — the former CIA chief under Barack Obama — losing his security clearance after being caught leaking intel to the press.

“If you’re watching television today, you have noted the press is framing this question of whether or not John Brennan ought to have top-secret security clearance [revoked] as an unprovoked assault on American democracy,” Carlson said. “[The media] have become Brennan’s faithful handmaidens.”

Carlson said with their manufactured outrage, the media have once again outed themselves as leftist activists masquerading as objective journalists.


“What you just watched is a precise inversion of the traditional role of the press,” Tucker said. “Journalists ought to be skeptical of the powerful and ought to demand accountability and clear explanations from secretive bureaucrats like John Brennan and for the agency he once worked for. But they are not.”

“Instead, they have become Brennan’s faithful handmaidens, arguing that he and his colleagues in the intelligence world are not bound by the same rules you and I are. The intelligence establishment does what it wants, they tell us. Your job is to obey.

They are in charge; you are a serf. They spy on you without limit, you accept a life with no privacy. But don’t complain. Insolence is disloyalty, dissent is treason. That is the message on every other channel. That is state media — the definition of it.”

The liberal media are foaming at the mouth after President Trump revoked the security clearance of former CIA chief-turned-MSNBC pundit John Brennan, who has been caught leaking classified intel to the media.

Former Obama DNI chief James Clapper — now a leftist pundit for CNN — disingenuously claimed the move infringed on Brennan’s First Amendment rights to free speech, but then contradicted himself in epic fashion five seconds later.

“If I lose my access to classified information, it really doesn’t have any immediate substantive impact on me,” James Clapper told CNN. “I don’t plan to stop speaking when I’m asked my views on this administration.”

Predictably, the liberal media are up in arms that former Obama aides who no longer work for the government could lose access to top-secret intel.

CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post are probably just upset that they’re losing their anonymous sources with access to classified information that they have no business leaking to the press.

As BizPac Review previously reported, in July, Senator Rand Paul asked President Trump to revoke John Brennan’s security clearance. Brennan — the former CIA director under Barack Obama — now works as a liberal pundit for NBC and MSNBC.

Paul said monetizing top-secret intelligence is an ethical violation that endangers national security, especially in light of Brennan’s recent unhinged behavior.

“John Brennan has a history of leaking information,” Senator Paul told Tucker Carlson in July 2018. “Who in their right mind would want to let him have the power still to look through everybody’s records?”

Tucker retorted: “Brennan is a private citizen who works for a cable news station. Could I get a top-secret clearance and find out government secrets and use them in the course of my job? What is this?!”

Reminder: Patriots, please vote in November. America’s future depends on it.

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