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Mom in news for flaunting 25k Dubai-themed prom party for her son is charged with SS benefits fraud, facing 140 yrs

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A Philadelphia mother who was in the news for a $25,000 elaborate Dubai-themed prom send-off for her son has been charged with Social Security benefits fraud.

Saudia Shuler, 44, has been charged with wire fraud, theft of government funds and Social Security fraud, the New York Post reported. The government loss is said to be close to $37,000.

The U.S. attorney’s office in Philadelphia said Shuler applied for benefits, saying she was disabled and unable to work — but not only did she continue working, according to prosecutors, she was running her own restaurant, Country Cookin’.

As for the prom send off, Shuler had 3 tons of sand brought in for her son, Johnny Eden Jr., along with a real camel and a Rolls-Royce and a Lamborghini, according to The Post.

The son brought three dates to the fancy shin-dig, each one wearing a custom-made gown. Not to be outdone, he wore three different outfits also.

But then, Shuler is known for her elaborate parties, having thrown a “Black Panther”-themed neighborhood party earlier this year, complete with an actual panther.

The cost of the party was in the six figures, she claimed.

In an interview with WPVI-TV, Shuler’s lawyer, said his client suffered a stroke and was in rehab, unable “to do anything for two-plus years.”

It’s unclear how the red-bearded attorney accounted for Shuler having a restaurant.

Defense attorney Tariq el Shabazz

The one thing that is clear is that Shuler is defiant in the face of charges that could potentially send her to prison for 140 years.

The defendant shared a local news report of the story on Instagram.

“I got the best lawyer in the game @elshabazz_law ??‍♀️ lets get ready to rumble ?? damn,” the caption read, in part.

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