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‘In charge’ Kellyanne has a special message for ‘jealous, no access’ Omarosa

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Kellyanne Conway blasted fired White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who’s trashing President Trump as a misogynist in order to shill her book. Conway said Trump’s decades-long history of promoting women in the workplace contradicts Omarosa’s toothless attacks.

Conway pointed out that Omarosa — who owes her entire career to Donald Trump — has referred to him as her “mentor” as recently as this week. “He’s an excellent boss to women,” Conway told Fox News host Bret Baier. “In October 2016, Omarosa was emphatic about how great he would be for all Americans, including African-Americans.”


Kellyanne, an attorney, added: “I know people try to get away with saying Donald Trump is terrible to women who work for him and that he’s a sexist misogynist. But why would I be standing here in front of the White House, working in this building, if I didn’t think this man was doing great for all Americans?”

Conway is the first woman in U.S. history to manage a successful presidential campaign. And it was Donald Trump — the so-called sexist misogynist — who helped her break that glass ceiling by elevating her to that position.

“I was in Republican politics for decades. He elevated me at almost 50 years old to be his campaign manager,” Kellyanne recounted. “I was hiding in plain sight for other campaigns. [Donald Trump] put me in charge.”

Kellyanne said the only people who push the sexism narrative are those with an ax to grind like Omarosa or cable news personalities whose interview requests have been rejected due to their biased coverage.

“It’s only some of the women out there on cable news every single day who are jealous or have no access or look at things through their own Twitter feed and not through reality who would think otherwise,” Conway quipped.

While Omarosa is attacking President Trump now as a racist and a sexist, she enthusiastically championed him as a “trailblazer” for women in 2016.

“I have never seen Donald Trump act inappropriately with women, he’s always respectful,” Omarosa told MSNBC. “He has always promoted women.”


Speaking of sexist misogyny, Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, who’s the deputy chair of the DNC, was accused of assaulting and harassing two former girlfriends.

One called the police on Ellison, and the other says she has video proof of his abuse.

Tellingly, Democrats — who pay lip service to being the “party for women” — responded to the domestic violence claims by ignoring them and voting for Ellison to be the attorney general of Minnesota in this week’s primary election.

Meanwhile, the leftist bloodletting continues, as more former liberal Obama voters hop on the Trump Train.

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