Fmr Bush staffer hits back against accusations of no blacks in the Trump administration: CNN is ‘peddling lies’

Nick Givas, DCNF

Trump supporter and former President George W. Bush staffer Paris Dennard accused CNN of “peddling lies” about the White House over whether or not the Trump administration has enough black staffers on the books.

CNN’s Bakari Sellers said there are no African-Americans or blacks working in the White House on “New Day” Monday and Dennard jumped in to immediately refute him.

“Bakari, this isn’t your party and this is not the president you support, so I know exactly who is in the White House. I’m there on a regular basis,” Dennard said.

“Who is there then?” Sellers asked

Dennard offered to name several black members of the White House team as the debate raged on, but the panel ended before he listed anyone.

“I will name several of them in the White House,” Dennard replied. “Do you want me to list them? Do you want me to go down the line? No you don’t. You’re going to wrap up the time because this is not important to you. Because you want to peddle the lies of Bakari Sellers and others.”

“No one is peddling lies here,” host John Berman replied. “We gave you your chance to list these people who work in the administration. We thank you, as always for being with us.”

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