Border Patrol’s first female chief throws mom-shaped wrench in separation narrative: ‘I’m a parent myself …’

Newly appointed Border Patrol chief Carla Provost, the first woman to hold the post, was featured on “Fox & Friends,” and was very forthcoming about the importance of the job, the toll being taken on agents being attacked by Democratic lawmakers and what she needs to be successful.

“Ultimately, border security is national security,” she said, echoing the position taken by President Donald Trump as she spoke about the sacrifices of 20,000 Border Patrol agents to keep America safe.

Provost, who has a daughter of her own, commented on the now discontinued policy of separating migrant children from their parents, who are arrested for violating U.S. immigration laws when they enter the country illegally.

“We don’t leave our humanity behind when we report for duty. The majority of my men and women are parents; I’m a parent myself. Law enforcement’s a difficult job,” she said. “In my 26 years in law enforcement, both as a local police officer and as a Border Patrol agent, I have had to separate parents from their children. It’s not an easy task, but when you violate the law — and it is a violation of law to cross the border illegally between the ports of entry — then there needs to be a consequence.”

Speaking of separating families at the border, Provost told TheHill.TV that the U.S. government has been doing this for decades.

“Under all four administrations I have worked under, we have separated families for different reasons,” she said.

With the recent case of an illegal alien arrested for repeatedly raping a young girl he claimed was his daughter fresh on the mind, Provost said the agency is concerned for the well-being of these children.

“Obviously, the welfare of the child is of utmost concern for us,” Provost said in last week’s interview. “And we’re still separating if that is of concern. If the parent or the guardian has a serious, criminal history, we will still separate them as well.”

Provost was straightforward and succinct about what she needs from Congress.

“I need more men and women, I need more technology, I need more wall,” she told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins.

And the significance of being the first woman to hold the job wasn’t lost on her.

“I do realize it’s a milestone,” a humble Provost said. “We have so many talented men and women in the Border Patrol. I may be the first, but I guarantee you I won’t be the last female chief of the Border Patrol.”

Tom Tillison


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