The male cosmetics industry is taking over China

Gabrielle Okun, DCNF

The male cosmetics industry is taking over China through the spread of video blogs on social media.

Chinese men are taking advantage of China’s cosmetics industry by spreading makeup tips in videos online, designed specifically for a male audience, Agence France-Presse reportedFriday. The online stars known as “wang hong” are creating live stream videos to showcase different makeup products and give other men makeup tips.

Jiang Cheng, 24, a male makeup guru claimed that he makes $730 a month from a management firm for bloggers based on trying out new products, according to the AFP.

“I found that putting on makeup is actually quite easy,” he said. “Women may not fully grasp the concept of male make-up. If a girl puts on my make-up, they may not be able to achieve the effect that I really want.”

China’s trend called “Little Fresh Meat,” a term that refers to attractive young men, is causing the male makeup industry to boom.

Lan Haoyi, 27, a Chinese video blogger known as “Lan Pu Lan,” claimed that he spends up to $1,460 a month on beauty products. “We’re seeing more men in the media wearing make-up. This will naturally become the norm,” he said.

The male beauty industry in China is expected to grow by 15.2 percent over the next five years, according to Euromonitor International.

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