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Critics viciously shred Alyssa Milano’s new Netflix show as a ‘fat-shaming dumpster fire’ in crazy-bad reviews

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Alyssa Milano’s new ‘fat-shaming dumpster fire’ show on Netflix is getting the actress a solid trashing by reviewers.

The mainstream media turned on the liberal anti-gun, anti-Trump actress en masse, slamming “Insatiable” which appears to be about a formerly fat girl who gets skinny and exacts revenge on those who mocked her.

Try as Milano might to drum up enthusiasm for the series ahead of its debut Friday, her fans were opting out just based on the premise.

And once the press could weigh in, there seemed to be a general consensus.

New York Magazine revealed the show is “worse” than anticipated and is an “Utter Disaster.”

NPR’s Linda Holmes called out “Insatiable” as “Lazy And Dull” while also noting the series is worse than expected.

BuzzFeed’s Jenna Guillaume slammed the show as a “fat-shaming mess” which left her feeling “uncomfortable.”

Other reviewerss seemed to agree.

Netflix viewers and those who caught the show premiere were equally critical and slammed the actress who had encouraged women to speak out about their experiences of sexual harassment and assault with the #MeToo movement.

Milano defended the series against accusations that it was fat-shaming women, telling People that she actually felt “empowered” while working on the show.

“At the end of the day, the show is a satire about how looks can be deceiving and deals with thematic issues like body image and what it means to win, validation, and filling a void,” she said.

Frieda Powers


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