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Vox makes video to soften image of brutal MS-13 gang, then law official comes out with those pesky facts

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Fox News’ Mark Steyn, filling in on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” highlighted a video from Vox depicting young women praising the virtues of MS-13 gang members as if they were being featured in the teen fan magazine Tiger Beat.

As Steyn noted, now that President Donald Trump has drawn attention to the brutal gang while noting the important role immigration agents play, the left now supports MS-13.

The Vox video portrays the gang “as a bunch of cute teenagers who ride bikes, listen to music, and work after school jobs,” he explained.

“They are like high school valedictorians with machetes,” Steyn deadpanned, after he played the video.

He then turned to his guest, Suffolk District Attorney Timothy Sini, the former police commissioner in Suffolk County, New York, which has a large MS-13 presence, to set the record straight.

“Here the facts, in 2016 and part of 2017, we saw 17 homicides that MS-13 committed. That is 17 homicides in just 16 months,” Sini said.

“Two of those homicides were Nisa Mickens and Kalya Cuevas, 15 and 16-year-old girls from Brentwood High School,” Sini continued. “This is an extremely dangerous game. One of the most dangerous street gangs we have in the United States.”

And the killings are not just in New York.


Steyn noted the vicious nature of the crimes committed by these gang members.

“That’s exactly right,” the prosecutor said. “When they commit a murder, they do it to send a message. They are incredibly brutal.

“One example, as I already noted, the four boys in Central Islip,” he added. “There are plenty of other examples. The two girls were murdered in Brentwood, when we first came upon the homicide scene, the injuries are so severe, we actually thought it was a hit-and-run because the head trauma was so significant.”

It boggles the mind that the left is so committed to opposing Trump and its open border views that it actively minimizes the threat this brutal gang poses. Especially in the Hispanic community, as Sini noted that gang members intentionally target young Hispanic males.

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