Scarborough is now making his own witch sound effects to amplify his Trump slams

Nick Givas, DCNF

Joe Scarborough made some strange sound effects on “Morning Joe” Thursday to slam President Donald Trump, after Trump called the Russia investigation a witch hunt.

Back on June 6, Trump called labeled the probe one of the biggest witch hunts in history. A claim Scarborough has often taken issue with.

Morning Joe‘ opened the show by playing a clip of GOP Congressman Chris Collins, who was arrested for insider trading Wednesday, as he spoke at the 2016 Republican national convention.

“That is Congressman Chris Collins just over two years ago at the Republican national convention. Today he joins this list of people charged with or pleading to crimes,” co-host Mika Brzezinski said.

She then put a tweet up on screen from Washington Post reporter Aaron Blake showing all the Trump officials who have been charged with, or are pleading to crimes.

“Trump’s second campaign manager, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, Trump’s campaign foreign policy adviser, Trump’s first campaign manager and now Trump’s first congressional endorser and member of his transition team.”

“Hey, I’m no special counsel, but it kind of feels like there’s a pattern here and maybe, maybe one of these witch hunts where you just walk out of your front door and all the witches are just landing in your front lawn,” Scarborough said. “Right there in the front yard,” Brzezinski replied.

Scarborough then started laughing and made the sound of witches landing on the lawn, before moving on with the show.

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