‘It took four people to pry him off.’ Feminist prof still at large nearly a week after alleged assault

Rob Shimshock, DCNF

**Warning for language.

Prof Loter. Image screen shot via Campus Reform.

A Connecticut professor allegedly punched a YouTube blogger critical of identity politics on Aug. 2 and shouted, “I’m going to f**king kill you” at him.

Professor Matthew Fantastic Loter purportedly assaulted YouTuber Jeremy Hambly and broke part of a glass window, reported Campus Reform Wednesday. The incident occurred at GenCon, an Indianapolis gaming conference.

Hambly put out a YouTube video critiquing GenCon for inviting feminist cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian, who has raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars after complaining about harassment but has, herself, also been accused of the act.

“Real talk: if you have a problem with [Sarkeesian] being invited to [GenCon], f**king fight me,” Loter said on Twitter in June. “I’m easy to find.”

Hambly claims that Loter approached him at the conference at 2 a.m. on Aug. 2 and asked him if he was Hambly.

“When the defendant stated that he was, in fact, Jeremy Hambly, [Loter] then proceeded to punch the defendant in the head while screaming, ‘I’m going to f**king kill you,’” one witness said, according to a statement Hambly sent to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“It took four people to pry him off … then he punched a window and ran off,” Hambly told Campus Reform.

“Once he was free of Matt, Jeremy went inside the bar to get away from the attack and Matt got angry and was saying, ‘Yeah run away pussy’ while trying to follow Jeremy into the bar,” another witness said. “Once he realized he couldn’t get into the bar because I was standing between him and the door, he smashed a window at the bar and then walked away with his friend who wasn’t doing anything to help stop him from assaulting someone else.”

The YouTuber subsequently filed a police report for non-aggravated assault with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the detective assigned to Hambly’s case did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

“This is very hard to pursue as one man with a day job,” the YouTuber told TheDCNF.

Quinnipiac University listed Loter as a professor for a fall 2018 “Introduction to Game Design” class at this link as of Tuesday. But the school removed the page before publication.

(Screenshot obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation)

(Screenshot obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation)

“The person in question is not on our faculty and does not teach here,” Quinnipiac Vice President for Public Affairs Lynn Bushnell told TheDCNF.

“I have retained a lawyer and will be seeking to set an example that political violence has to stop,” Hambly said to TheDCNF. “I have also been in contact with the detective and the case is proceeding.”

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