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Florida restaurant dumps NFL package over anthem protests, replaces with perfect plan to honor U.S. vets

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A Florida restaurant is honoring U.S. military veterans and saying goodbye to its NFL package due to players’ national anthem protests.

Curtis and Janet West, who co-own Beef O’Brady’s in Brooksville, decided to cancel the restaurant and bar’s DirecTV NFL package, because of the “disrespect”shown by the players.

“Last year, with the kneeling and the disrespect to our veterans and our flag and our country, I was very upset,” Curtis West told FOX13 Tampa Bay on Monday.

Cancelling the package will save the restaurant more than $5,000, leading West to make the decision to offer veterans 40 percent off on food Sunday game days.

“Beef O’Brady’s will not be financially supporting the NFL this year due to their lack of compassion and gratitude for our American service members,” read posters notifying customers of the change.

“Our National Anthem is one of the methods we as American citizens have always used to show our appreciation to all military service members, past or present, alive or dead. This tradition deserves respect and unfortunately, the NFL does not feel that same way,” the poster added. “So, for this season, we will not be purchasing the NFL ticket. Perhaps, it will make a difference if it hits their wallets.”

“This is what we are doing, this is the stance we take, and the money we would’ve spent, we are going to spend on our vets,” West said.

“Yes, we are proudly standing up for our national anthem,” President Donald Trump said at a rally in Tampa last week.

NFL games on local stations will still be shown at Beef O’Brady’s because West does not have to pay for them to air. And while he admits business on Sundays could end up being lighter, West thinks it is worth taking the risk.

“We are proud to support our troops, we don’t kneel, and thank you for your service,” West said, reading a poster. “It’s a big deal to us.”

And it’s a big deal to the community as well, as support for West came in n social media.

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