Feinstein snaps back at Trump after he nails her on 20-yr Chinese mole, only she helped make his point

Speaking at a rally Saturday in Ohio, President Donald Trump trolled U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein over the astonishing report that her office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy, who worked for 20 years as her driver and sometimes attended official functions on her behalf.

The rally marked the second time Trump hit Feinstein, a powerful senior member of the Democratic Party who has been on the Senate Intelligence Committee for years, for the monumental indiscretion.

“The leader of the Russia investigation, Dianne Feinstein, had a Chinese spy as her driver for 20 years,” Trump said of the California Democrat. “And she’s leading the Russian ‘witch hunt.’ Isn’t that something? And then she says to me, ‘What did you know about this and that?’ Give me a break.”

The remarks at the rally follow a tweet from the president the night before trolling Feinstein, asking if “she will now investigate herself?”

“…Dianne is the person leading our Nation on “Collusion” with Russia (only done by Dems). Will she now investigate herself?” Trump tweeted.


Naturally, anti-Trump forces seized on the president insinuating that Feinstein in leading the Russian collusion investigation, an assertion that was likely not meant to be taken literally as much as it was to recognize the senator’s distinguished role in the Democratic Party.

If karma was on her game, the driver would have been Russian. Either way, Trump’s tweet prompted a response from Feinstein to defend herself while downplaying the spy’s role on her staff.

“The FBI told me 5 years ago it had concerns that China was seeking to recruit an administrative member of my Calif staff (despite no access to sensitive information). I took those concerns seriously, learned the facts and made sure the employee left my office immediately,” Feinstien tweeted.

She then tried to liken Trump being critical of FBI agents who vowed to stop him from being elected president to her office hiring a foreign spy.

All of which brings up a point President Trump has made on numerous occasions, that being that the FBI never informed him that they were investigating campaign advisers over concerns of Russian interference in the 2016 election.

Tom Tillison


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