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Jury rejects transgender’s claim that transition medication caused him to try to kill 3 people with an axe

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DCNFJessica Kramer, DCNF

An Australian man who identities as a woman was convicted of attempted murder at the New South Wales District Court on Friday after attacking three patrons at a 7-Eleven in Sydney with an ax on Jan. 7, 2017.

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Evie Amati, who was also convicted of inflicting injury, pleaded not guilty and claimed that while he was under sex transition medication, he suffered from psychosis, according to BBC News.

The jury rejected Amati’s defense and found him guilty, according to Fox News.

“I really hope that [Amati] is able to have some sort of rehabilitation because ultimately that’s what justice is about,” victim Sharon Hacker told reporters following the verdict, according to Fox News. Amati attacked Hacker at the door from behind, giving her a fractured skull.

Amati was captured on surveillance video walking into the establishment at 2 a.m. carrying an ax. Fellow patrons thought he had come from a costume party, according to BBC News.

He first approached another victim, Ben Rimmer, at the counter and started swinging the ax at him, wounding his face and causing multiple fractures, according to BBC News.

Amati headed for a third man, Shane Redwood, outside the store, but Redwood used his backpack as a fake shield to fight Amati off. The police arrested Amati outside the store, BBC News reported.

Amati’s lawyer Charles Waterstreet said in court that he was not thinking clearly — he allegedly was abusing drugs and alcohol, and suffered mental side effects from his transition medications.

The jury convicted him of two counts of wounding with attempt to murder and another count of attempted murder. He will face sentencing in September, according to BBC News.
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