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‘Can you say knucklehead?’ Guy nearly gets his block knocked off when he taunts Yellowstone bison

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An idiot masquerading as a visitor to Yellowstone National Park stepped out of his vehicle and confronted a buffalo that had wandered onto the roadway.

The man came within feet of the huge animal as he taunted it. He even growled at the bison at one point. In the process, came oh, so close to getting his block knocked off when the threatened animal suddenly turned on him.

What the fool doesn’t realize, nor does the woman videoing the encounter who speaks of the beast as if it was a stuffed animal, is the damage the powerful animal can inflict on a vehicle if fully enraged.

As for making contact with a human, well, that would make for quite a story for the deceased person’s family members.

A woman was recently gored by an agitated bison at Yellowstone National Park after getting within 10 yards of the animal, according to ABC News — fortunately, the lady escaped with her life from the attack, but did suffer a hip injury.

The reaction on social media had a recurring theme that centered on the tongue-in-check humor of Darwin’s theory of evolution, where individuals contribute to human evolution by removing themselves from the gene pool.

Here’s a sampling from Twitter:

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