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‘People see through your lying bulls**t’: Hannity slaps back after Acosta dig, battle escalates

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The war of words continued as CNN’s Jim Acosta lashed out at Sean Hannity for his criticism, calling the Fox News host a “propagandist for profit” who is “injecting poison into the nation’s political bloodstream.”

The CNN White House correspondent was likely reacting to Hannity’s remarks during the opening monologue of his show on Tuesday, as he said attendees at a rally with President Trump in Tampa, Florida were right to heckle him.

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“I’m confident in the long run the truth will prevail,” Acosta tweeted Wednesday, slamming the Fox News host for “peddling lies every night.”

Hannity addressed Acosta’s dig in the opening monologue of FNC’s Hannity on Wednesday, and made it clear he’s not a proponent of violence against anyone in the media.

Jim, I’m a pretty prominent conservative in the country,” Hannity began. ” Let me say this clearly and loudly.  I want every journalist in this country, everyone, I don’t care who you work for, to be safe.”

The Fox News host then went further, and let Acosta know he’d come to his defense if someone ever dared to “lay a hand” on him.

“And I’ll tell you right now, I will be the first person to come to your defense if I’m there and anyone ever dares lay a hand on you,” Hannity continued. “If I was standing there, if I see it happen, I will be the first person to jump in and fight on your behalf.  Physical violence is never acceptable to me, nor is it acceptable to the conservatives I know and respect.

“And let me also be clear, if you are a conservative, and by the way, you ever threaten anyone, you’re not a friend of mine, you’re not a friend of this program, and by the way — or the conservative movement of which I’m just a small part of.”

While Hannity clearly isn’t advocating for violence against Acosta, he wasn’t about to mince words when it came to his reporting. A short time later, Hannity fired off a tweet slamming his “precious feelings.”

Acosta had complained about the boos and chants of “CNN sucks” at the rally, defending himself as a journalist trying to do his job against the hecklers.

He even tweeted after the rally about the “sad scene” he witnessed and his fear about “the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media.”

“The people of this country are screaming at you for a reason,” Hannity said, giving Acosta some “advice.” in his opening monologue Tuesday. “They don’t like your unfair, abusively biased treatment of the president of the United States.”

He continued calling out Acosta on “Hannity” on Wednesday along with guests Sean Spicer and Sebastian Gorka, wondering why the CNN reporter didn’t speak out when conservatives felt threatened.

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