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Ivanka shocks by saying media is not ‘enemy of the people.’ Contrary to leftist reports, she’s not exactly dissing Dad.

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According to the left-wing media, President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump disagrees with her father about the “media”  being the “enemy of the American people.”

“Ivanka Trump said at an Axios event on Thursday that she doesn’t view the media as the ‘enemy of the people,’ breaking with President Trump’s repeated public statements,” the left-wing news purveyor Axios reported. “Why it matters: Ivanka noted that she herself has been the subject of stories she knows to be false, but that she doesn’t believe the media is the enemy.”

Neither does Trump, actually. As has been noted by numerous conservative commentators over and over again — but to no avail, apparently — it’s the “fake news”/”fake news media” that the president has decried as the “enemy of the American people.”

And by “fake news media” he’s meant outlets and “journalists” who habitually share fake news to the public about him and his administration.

Listen below for just one of many examples of Trump targeting the “fake news media” — this one from February of 2017:

Note what he said near the end of the video: “In fact, in covering my comments, the dishonest media did not explain that I called the fake news the enemy of the people. The fake news. They dropped off the word ‘fake.’ And all of a sudden the story became the media is the enemy.”

And that, ironically enough, is exactly the stunt Axios just pulled nearly 1.5 years later. But it’s not the only outlet known for fudging the facts, as the president has himself pointed out over and over again via social media:

**Update: Since the publishing of this article, President Trump responded to his daughter’s remarks, and confirmed the author of this article’s argument:

The reason outlets like Axios, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others hate this rhetoric so much is because they know it applies to them. And why does it apply to them? Because they frequently distort the truth and/or outright lie.

Note also how Trump has never once directed his rhetoric toward news purveyors such as Fox News, Breitbart, BizPac Review, The Daily Caller, etc. Why? Because these outlets don’t routinely share fake news about him and his administration.

It’s not that the president dislikes the media as a whole; it’s that he takes issue with those outlets (most of them biased heavily to the left) that deceptively throw objectivity out the window. It’s no secret that he’s not a fan of this tactic, neither is the majority of the American people.

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of BizPac Review.

Vivek Saxena


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