Major backfire when Alyssa Milano declares she’s ready ‘take to the streets!’

Actress Alyssa Milano  put the Resistance on stand-by, sounding the alarm on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation after a tweet by President Donald Trump.

“If they fire Mueller, we take to the streets,” Milano tweeted Wednesday, responding to a tweet by the president calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to put an end to the “Rigged Witch Hunt,” as he referred to Mueller’s probe into the 2016 election.

(Image: screengrab)

Trump slammed the special counsel and “his 17 Angry Democrats” as a “disgrace” to the country in his tweet on Wednesday.

Milano was suiting up for a showdown if Trump gets his way, and called fellow liberals to follow her lead.

Twitter reacted to Milano’s nothing-burger of a warning pretty much as expected.

Frieda Powers


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