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Cops clear out belligerent Occupy ICE camps nationwide

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Police cleared out #OccupyICE encampments across the nation just as ICE is fighting back in Oregon where their emergency calls for help went unheeded.

The far left protesters were cleared out of several locations Tuesday as police worked to remove them from where they set up camp, blocking streets and harassing ICE agents in cities across the U.S.

Things escalated in Philadelphia Tuesday, leading to chaotic scenes as demonstrators who were blocking traffic were warned by police to leave before arrests began.

Police were finally moving in to clear Abolish ICE protesters across cities where they set up camps in front of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement buildings, threatening agents and blocking entrances.

Protesters in Sacramento, California refused to leave as police officers began to remove furniture they had set up along the ICE building.

In Portland, however, Immigration and Customs Enforcement is fighting back after police refused to respond to emergency calls from employees trapped inside the building when violent protesters set up camps and barricades.

The National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, a union representing ICE employees, sent a cease-and-desist letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler, demanding Portland police assist federal agents when asked and threatening legal action if they refuse, citing their 14th Amendment rights to equal protection under the law.

But the mayor fired back at the claims on Tuesday, asserting that the accusations that he had a policy forbidding Portland law enforcement agencies from responding to local ICE employees are “inaccurate and inflammatory,” according to Oregon Live. He also claimed that the police did respond to 911 calls from ICE  “when there were imminent life safety threats.”

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