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NYT columnist, already dreaming of Trump’s defeat in 2020, writes about his loss to Elizabeth Warren

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Nick Givas, DCNF

New York Times opinion columnist David Leonhardt predicted President Donald Trump will lose his 2020 re-election bid to Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, in a Sunday op-ed.

“Donald J. Trump, who spent much of the past four years as a historically unpopular president, lost his bid for re-election Tuesday,” the article begins. “His approval rating hasn’t approached 50 percent since he took office, and neither did his share of the vote this year.”

Leonhardt described Trump’s first term as an “era of deep national anxiety” with a stagnant economy and said the normal rules of politics still apply to the president.

“The arc of the Trump story is starting to make more sense than it has for much of his chaotic presidency,” Leonhardt wrote. “The normal rules of politics do apply to Donald Trump, after all.”

He blamed Trump’s 2016 victory on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s shortcomings and former FBI Director James Comey’s involvement in the campaign, while praising women for playing a crucial role in Trump’s defeat.

He also predicted Warren would pick former Attorney General Eric Holder as her running mate and considers her to be the “plausible” candidate for the Democratic nomination.

“She and Holder consciously borrowed from the populist strategy of Obama’s 2012 campaign against Mitt Romney. Rather than emphasize Trump’s personal behavior, as the 2016 Clinton campaign did, they cast him as a greedy billionaire who corruptly used the presidency to enrich himself further,” Leonhardt continued. “They also largely ignored Trump’s repeated criticisms of the ongoing NFL national anthem protests.”

He only credits Trump with getting 46 percent of the popular vote and believes Warren will win in an electoral landslide after voters become fatigued with Trump’s agenda.

“From the start of Trump’s meteoric political career to the end, he never enjoyed the support of most Americans,” Leonhardt concluded.

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