Deputy’s graphic account of near-deadly fight with drugged-up suspect has powerful reason for going viral

A graphic account of a heart-pounding encounter with a suspect has gone viral after a West Virginia sheriff’s deputy shared the details online.

Brooke County Sheriff’s Deputy Kristen Richmond described her harrowing fight with a 21-year-old suspect whom she said “was gooned up on an unknown drug” in a Facebook post.

(Image: Facebook/Kristen Richmond)

The deputy debated posting the experience but decided to use it as an opportunity to give “a swift kick in the ass to a lot of cops.”

Richmond and three of her colleagues responded Friday to a call about the man, identified as Brandon Jackson, who was throwing things out of a third-floor dorm window at Bethany College. She described how she fought with Jackson for “about five minutes.”

“During said altercation, my glasses were shattered and knocked off my face, none of my radio transmissions got out, and a ton of equipment was stripped from my vest and duty belt,” the deputy wrote, noting how even being partially handcuffed and being attacked by Richmond’s K9 partner did not stop him.

“All the K9 bites, punches, knees, and baton strikes did not deter this guy. He wasn’t there. The drug had consumed every part of him,” Richmond wrote.

And though she admitted that “deadly force was warranted” at one point, especially after Jackson  “reached for my duty weapon,” the deputy credited her training for her response.

“I think the majority of the credit goes to my training outside of work. I’ve been beat to hell and back in training so I knew how to react and fight through being repeatedly being struck in the face and head,” Richmond wrote. “I didn’t freak out … I knew I was okay and still in the fight.”

Her actions and her account of what happened caught the attention of actor James Woods who remarked at what “a brave and cool Deputy she is” in a tweet.

Richmond was treated for “a broken nose, a fractured sinus, and some other minor bumps and lacerations to my hands, face, and head.”

According to Fox News:

Jackson was taken in handcuffs to a local hospital before being transferred to a facility in Pittsburgh, Pa. It was not immediately clear Sunday whether charges had been filed against him.


“This post isn’t to be all bravado,” Richmond wrote, explaining her three-fold purpose in sharing the experience.

She reminded her fellow law enforcement officers to always be prepared, and to bond with their partners.

“They’re your family and when you find yourself in a dark corner at 0300 praying for backup, they’re gonna be the ones who come running,” she wrote.

Richmond also had a message “for the families, friends, and/or critics”:

“Please take a few moments to consider everything that we go through before jumping to conclusions based off slanted media and facts. At the end of the day, we are exactly like all of you ‘normal’ people. We just want to go home after work.”

The post has been shared nearly 200,000 times as of Monday and has garnered much appreciation from readers.

“Thank you all for what you do I wish you and all concerned a speedy recovery both physically and mentally,” wrote one Facebook user.

“That’s why the truth of ‘ not just anyone can do this job, ‘ is so important. You proved it up……you will go out stronger and wiser from this ordeal……law enforcement is a calling and you for sure have been called. God Bless you , your canine partner, and your colleagues,” another wrote.

The sentiments were the same on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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