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Trump vows government shutdown if Dems don’t come through with votes

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President Donald Trump has proven, more so than most traditional politicians, that keeping his campaign promises are important to him, and that includes his pledge to build a wall on the along the southern border.

Trump took to Twitter early Sunday to make it clear that he is willing to shut down the federal government if Congress does not move on his immigration priorities, to include a border wall.

“I would be willing to ‘shut down’ government if the Democrats do not give us the votes for Border Security, which includes the Wall! Must get rid of Lottery, Catch & Release etc. and finally go to system of Immigration based on MERIT! We need great people coming into our Country!” the president tweeted.


With US immigration laws a sham, resulting in illegal aliens being deported 10-12 times or more, often after being convicted of committing crimes, only to return at will because our porous border, Democrats have taken to advocating for eliminating Immigration Customs & Enforcement, the agency tasked with enforcing immigration laws.

With lawmakers politicizing the issue for decades, doing little to resolve a problem that has resulted in 12 million illegal immigrants living in the US, if not more, Trump is banking on the belief that the American people have had enough.

Just as he promised when running for office.

The president added another qualifying reason for stronger immigration laws in his last weekly address, citing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to Fox News.

“One of the critical lessons of 9/11 is that immigration enforcement saves lives,” he said. “We must enforce the rules against visa fraud, illegal overstay, illegal entry and other immigration violations and crimes, and crimes they are. Believe me, crimes they are.”

As noted by Fox News, Trump threatened to shut down the government during a rally in Michigan earlier this year, stating that more money was needed to fund the border wall.

“We come up again on September 28th and if we don’t get border security we will have no choice,” he said in April. “We will close down the country because we need border security.”

Tom Tillison


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