In a fit of irony, DNC vice chair demands Amazon censor ‘hate groups.’ Here’s who gets to decide …

Democrats are calling on Amazon to play censor when it comes to “hate groups.”

Rep. Keith Ellison, vice chair of the Democratic National Committee, recently wrote Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos demanding that the company “immediately cease doing business with groups that promote racist violence,” according to the New York Post.

This sounds well enough on its own, until you realize just how the Minnesota Democrat, who used to pal around with racist hate-monger Louis Farrakhan, wants to identify hate groups.

Enter the Southern Poverty Law Center.

This being the left-wing nonprofit plagued by inaccuracies and forced to pay a $3.3 million settlement in April because of this. The same group that once listed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list.”

That the SPLC has an “ongoing” relationship with the FBI may say all that needs to be said about how “non-partisan” bureau leadership has been.

Ellison said in his letter “there appear to be a disturbing number of groups with hateful, racist, and violent agendas making money using Amazon’s platform.”

“Historically, Amazon has not responded effectively to this issue and continues to allow hate groups and SPLC-identified neo-Nazis and white nationalist writers to make money using its platform,” the progressive ideologue claimed.

Amazon faced criticism recently for not removing Nazi-themed material at a quick enough pace for the left, with the e-commerce company responding in a statement that third party vendors who do not follow their guidelines would be “subject to swift action,” according to

Naturally, Ellison ties the rise of these groups to the election of President Donald Trump, as noted by Fortune.

“Amazon must immediately cease doing business with groups that promote racist violence,” the Democrat lawmaker demanded.

And if the company intends on using SPLC as the arbiter of what constitutes a hate group, it may want to staff up its legal department.

Tom Tillison


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