Watch Gregg Jarrett expertly explain Russian hoax scheme to clear Hillary and frame Trump to Cavuto

Attorney Gregg Jarrett expertly countered every argument thrown his way by Neil Cavuto and stood his ground that he sees “no evidence of collusion” between Russia and President Donald Trump.

The Fox News legal analyst spoke with Cavuto Friday about the many moving parts in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which is called out often as a “witch hunt” by the president.

The Fox Business Network anchor asked Jarrett to expound on his “compellingly researched” best-selling book, “The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.”

“I see no evidence of collusion so far,” Jarrett said. “There have been five investigative committees looking into this. They have interviewed 175-plus witnesses, they’ve reviewed half a million documents. They have yet to find any evidence.”

Jarrett noted that what he does worry about is “a guy like Robert Mueller who has compromised the integrity of his own investigation by selecting a team of partisans.”

Cavuto, who has never been a fan of Trump’s and has openly criticized him on many occasions, challenged his guest.

“It’s not all a hoax, is it? There’s a lot of stuff bubbling up,” Cavuto said.

Jarrett then took each dart Cavuto fired and rebutted with substance, noting that many of the accusations leveed against Trump and his campaign staff are not even crimes.

“There’ snothing illegal about meeting with a Russian,” Jarrett said, pointing to a chapter in his book entitled, “It’s not a crime to meet with a Russian.”

Cavuto interjected that the controversial 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian officials may have yielded information Jarrett knows nothing of.

“It doesn’t matter!” Jarrett responded, explaining that it is not a violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act which specifically “states that foreign nationals can participate in American campaigns.”

Even Cavuto’s attempt to show there was dishonesty involved – because the president has denied knowing about the meeting but his former attorney Michael Cohen has just announced that  did – was deftly shot back by Jarrett.

“It’s not a crime to lie to the media,” he said. “If that were so, then just about every politician in Washington would be behind bars.”

Frieda Powers


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