‘Kamala Harris knows rent is too high’: That’s why she’s pushing a law for taxpayers to foot the bill

Democrat Kamala Harris, a junior senator from California, is proving the cliché that liberals love spending OPM (Other People’s Money) and promising “free sh–” when pandering for votes.

Harris wants American taxpayers who work hard to pay their own rents or mortgages to pay the rents of minimum-wage workers.


Harris introduced a bill called the Rent Relief Act, which would “give money back” to renters with minimum-wage jobs who pay more than 30% of their monthly income on rent and utilities.

That covers tens of millions of people. Even high-income individuals typically spend about 30% of their gross monthly income on rent or a mortgage.

In a video, Harris said:  “America’s affordable housing crisis has left too many families behind who struggle each month to keep a roof over their head. This bill will ensure no family is priced out of the basic security of a place to live.”

Apparently, the idea of living in a less-expensive apartment or taking a roommate is a foreign concept to liberals. But under Harris’ plan, you don’t have to live on a budget because someone else will pay your rent for you.


Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blumenthal, and Maggie Hassan support this latest liberal “free stuff” gimmick that’s a transparent bid to buy votes.

It’s no coincidence that this latest “free sh–” ploy is coming three months before the crucial November 2018 midterm elections.


While the idea of helping other people pay their rents is commendable, Harris forgets that most people are busy trying to make ends meet in their own households.

Many on Twitter asked where will the money come from? Others pointed that such government subsidies will only ensure that landlords deliberately inflate rents since they know their tenants will get help making their monthly payments.


Another person remarked: “It is absolutely idiotic to require that the middle of the country subsidize the rents of people who choose to live in Cali and NY. It’s amoral and will only push rents higher in those places.”

Clarence Whorley tweeted: “What a giveaway to landlords..buy more rentals…raise the rents… government pays you. What a moron this woman is.”


Kamala Harris’ latest leftist gimmick to buy votes mirrors that of another California lawmaker, Michael Tubbs, the newly-elected 26-year-old mayor of Stockton.

As BizPac Review previously reported, Tubbs wants to give $6,000 a year to low-income residents (with no strings attached), claiming the handouts will lift them out of poverty.


Financial experts say giving money to poor people sounds like a great idea, but it’s a short-term fix, not a long-term solution. Countless psychology studies show that people get used to free stuff and then feel entitled to it.

Mayor Tubbs and the city of Stockton, California, should prepare for violent backlash once they cut off the gravy train.

Renowned economists like Thomas Sowell have long maintained that merely handing out free stuff will never solve the poverty crisis. And it certainly won’t build self-esteem because that grows when an individual achieves something through his own merit and hard work — not through handouts.

“The political left’s welfare state makes poverty more comfortable, while penalizing attempts to rise out of poverty,” Sowell wrote. “Leaders of the left in many countries have promoted policies that enable the poor to be more comfortable in their poverty.”

Thomas Sowell is a black Harvard graduate and retired U.S. Marine who has authored numerous economics books.

He says many Americans who live in “poverty” actually live fairly comfortably, and this makes them complacent, since the government gives them free stuff without expecting them to work for it.

“Most Americans with incomes below the official poverty level have air-conditioning, television, own a motor vehicle and, far from being hungry, are more likely than other Americans to be overweight.

But an arbitrary definition of words and numbers gives them access to the taxpayers’ money. This kind of ‘poverty’ can easily become a way of life, not only for today’s ‘poor,’ but for their children and grandchildren.”

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