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‘BE CAUTIOUS!’ Actor Randy Quaid puts spooky spin on Trump’s latest tweets, and it’s strangely spectacular

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A quick glance at actor Randy Quaid’s Twitter feed will do little to endear him to the anti-Trump crowd.

The actor best known for playing Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies has taken to putting a spooky spin on President Donald Trump’s tweets, and it’s nothing if not odd and strangely spectacular.

“Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

The video clip is a theatrical reading of the following tweets from the president:


Wow! That was something, how about another one?


This reading being from Trump’s recent tweet warning Iran not to threaten the US, which had the left in such an uproar.


Are these not spectacular? Here’s another: “Obama Thought Crooked Hillary Was Going To Win!!!”

This being a dramatic version of the following tweet:


Quaid has been doing this for some time, as there are a number of video clips on his timeline. Here’s another instant classic: “Deep State???”


Of course, if Quaid plans to do this with every tweet from Trump, he’ll have to quit his day job — assuming he has one.

As the actor noted in a pinned tweet on his page inviting Dershowitz to come visit, he too has been “ostracized” by the left.

“We’re so far left we’re right. Gone full circle!!” he said, sharing a Quaid family photo.

Here are a few other tweets from his timeline that help decipher Quaid’s political point of view, including a show of support for Roseanne Barr:

Tom Tillison


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