‘Absolute outrage.’ NY GOP blasts Dem candidate caught minimizing tragedy of Holocaust to slam Trump

A Democratic congressional candidate in New York was caught on camera during a primary forum earlier this year saying he was motivated to run for office because of the “parallels” between President Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler.

In the video, Perry Gershon speaks about a visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington during the 2016 presidential race, then disrespects 6 million Jewish victims by likening the election of Trump to Hitler’s rise before World War Two.

It also “downplays [the] murderous rise of Hitler,” as noted in the caption of the clip shared by Wired Sources.


“I was struck by the parallels between the rise of Donald Trump today and the rise of Hitler back then,” the Democrat said. “And I just said to myself that we have to stand up and make sure this doesn’t happen in America.”

“When Trump won, I just said, we — or I as a person — need to step up and fight back,” he added. “And we all as people, Democrats, but also Americans, need to step up and fight this wave of what could be authoritarianism.”

“If you look at what’s happened recently, it’s sure seeming to go that way,” Gershon concluded. “So I decided the best way I could fight the battle is to challenge [Rep.] Lee Zeldin for the office.”

Zeldin is the Republican incumbent in New York’s 1st congressional district, which has been rated as “likely Republican” by The Cook Political Report.

The Republican Party of New York called Gershon’s remarks an “absolute outrage.”

The reaction online suggested that Democrats like Gershon are just as clueless about history as they are about how to run a country.


Tom Tillison


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