Connecticut official under fire for taking a knee during board meeting Pledge of Allegiance: ‘I felt powerful’

Liberal Americans seemingly seek out opportunities to display their antipathy for the United States, as seen when a Connecticut official opted to take a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Selectwoman Melissa Schlag, from Haddam, engaged in a personal protest against President Donald Trump last week during a Board of Selectmen meeting — the stunt coming after Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

“I felt nervous when I did it but I also felt powerful,’’ the Democrat told the Hartford Courant. “If I don’t speak up, those who can’t won’t be heard.”

Schlag told the newspaper that she was inspired by radical former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, and that she is opposed to much of Trump’s agenda, including his “zero tolerance” toward illegal immigration and climate change.

And the Bernie Sanders supporter insisted that she doesn’t hate her country, despite what others may think.

“I didn’t kneel because I hated my country,’’ Schlag said. “I knelt because I love my country.”

Tim Herbst, a Republican running for governor in Connecticut, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to call Schlag’s show of disrespect for the American flag “appalling.”

He also said she should resign.

“She needs to resign immediately,” Herbst said. “One of the things the flag stands for — it stands for our freedom, it stands for our democracy.

“It stands for the fundamental ideal that we can have differences of opinion,” he continued. “But we all stand in respect of our flag because many people, including my 93-year-old grandfather who’s a veteran, fought in defense of the very liberty that the flag resembles.”


Tom Tillison


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