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What happened to Elizabeth Warren fan who shoved megaphone into challenger’s mouth at rally, almost shattering teeth

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A supporter of Sen. Elizabeth Warren was arrested after shoving the man running against her in the Massachusetts Senate race as he was speaking at a rally.

Apparently, the yet to be identified man grew angry as he heard Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai railing against Warren while supporters gathered to hear her speak at an event in Great Barrington, Mass. on Sunday.

As the line of supporters gathered outside of the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, Ayyadurai, an Indian-born American running as an independent against Warren, spoke through a megaphone across the street.

He told The Daily Caller he was there to discuss the “hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren and her platform.”

An attendee became so enraged listening to Ayyadurai as he waited in line that he angrily approached him, prompting the candidate to call him a racist. As seen in a video of the incident, the man shoved the megaphone, which hit Ayyadurai’s face.

“The megaphone is a symbol of free speech and here this guy is shoving it into the face of a dark guy talking about race,” Ayyadurai told Daily Caller. “It almost shattered my left front tooth.”

Things quickly escalated as the man was shoved back and knocked to the ground. Police intervened and handcuffed him.

“We are pressing civil charges,” Ayyadurai said, noting the man wore a shirt that read, “LIBERAL.”

“He was carried away in cuffs and taken in for assault and battery and disorderly conduct,” Ayyadurai added. “White liberals are the real racists. They must stop being white supremacists and racists and take a look in the mirror. They don’t own the narrative on race.”

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