Sarah Sanders: Mueller’s probe as ‘a hoax and waste of time’

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday to essentially call for an end to the Russian collusion investigation.

In discussing the heavily redacted FISA warrant documents involving former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, Sanders called special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe a “hoax,” which echoes a description her boss has used, and “a total waste of time.”

“I think you can see even just from the information that has been released is that the president’s been right all along, that this is a total waste of time, and certainly a waste of taxpayer money,” she said.

Sanders said the Trump campaign “had nothing to do with Russia,” adding that he won based on “a great message to defeat Hillary Clinton.”

While stopping short of outright calling for an end to the investigation, she said the country would be “better off” if it was brought to an end.

“I think we’d all be a lot better off if we could get this out of the way,” Sanders said, “and that Congress and the special counsel could come to the same conclusion that the rest of America has, that this is a hoax and a waste of time and let’s move on and focus on some of the big problems and big challenges we actually have to face as a country.”

Sanders was noncommittal on whether the president would get involved in calling for the Department of Justice to release to Congress unredacted copies of the FISA warrants, but stressed that Trump “wants transparency in the process.”

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