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Ronald Reagan’s son leads nasty charge against pastor for calling his dad a ‘womanizer’ like Trump

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Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, is an unabashed supporter of President Donald Trump, but he may have gone a little too far in opting to describe Ronald Reagan as a “womanizer” to defend Trump.

Amid reports that the FBI has a tape of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and his client allegedly discussing payment to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Trump, Jeffress addressed moral concerns made by critics.

“We’ve been here before,” Jeffress said Friday during an appearance on Fox News. “Back in 1980, evangelicals chose to support a twice-married Hollywood actor who was a known womanizer in Hollywood. His name was Ronald Reagan.”

He went on to say that the reason for this is that they supported Reagan’s policies.

“And that’s true here, we are choosing to support his policies,” Jeffress said. “We’re not under any illusion that we were voting for an altar boy when we voted for President Trump. We knew about his past. And by the way, none of us has a perfect past. We voted for him because of his policies.”

Needless to say, social media wasn’t kind to the pastor for evoking Reagan’s name in the same breath as Trump’s.

The most impassioned response came from Reagan’s son with first wife, actress Jane Wyman, former talk radio host Michael Reagan.

“All I can say is go F yourself. Pastor Robert Jeffress Defends Trump’s Evangelical Support By Citing ‘Womanizer’ Reagan – Splinter,” Reagan tweeted.

Here’s a sampling of other responses from Twitter that brutalized the man of God for his indiscretion:


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