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‘Is John Brennan monetizing his security clearance?’ Rand Paul takes action after suspected dirty dealing

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Sen. Rand Paul is following through on his plan to talk to President Donald Trump about revoking the security clearance for ex-CIA director John Brennan.

The Kentucky Republican vowed he would be speaking with the president about the issue when discussing reports of Brennan’s alleged security clearance with Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week.

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Paul found it “alarming” that the former CIA director would still have his security clearance even as he steps into a new career as senior national security and intelligence analyst at NBC.

The senator wondered if Brennan was “monetizing his security clearance” in a tweet on Monday, adding that he was meeting with Trump to request the removal of that clearance for the former Obama official.

“If he has top-secret clearance as unhinged as he is now, he’s calling the president treasonous, saying he is for the death penalty of the president,” Paul told Carlson.


Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is calling for Brennan, who has been a vocal Trump-hater, to testify before Congress. Brennan slammed the president’s meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Helsinki as “treasonous,” and suggested the intelligence community can “withhold vital intelligence” from a sitting president as a result.

Paul’s plan to meet with Trump about Brennan and his reported security clearance was met with applause on Twitter as many saw it as a “long overdue” action.

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