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‘Send him to me’: Marcus Luttrell’s incredible reaction to 14-yr-old boy vandalizing fellow SEAL’s memorial

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Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s initial response to hearing that someone had vandalized a memorial honoring his best friend and fellow Seal Michael Murphy, who died on a mountain in Afghanistan fighting alongside Luttrell, was to call the person who did it “a coward.”

But it wasn’t until Luttrell learned a 14-year-old Long Island boy was responsible for the vandalism that his true character came out: “Don’t put him in jail, you send him out here to me.”

Luttrell was speaking of his Texas ranch, but he was not driven by anger or revenge in making the suggestion in an appearance on “Fox & Friends,” but out of concern for the young teen.

Instead of being angry, the frogman expressed empathy for the boy.

“I heard it was a 14-year-old boy and I made a lot of mistakes when I was 14,” he said. “I mean, I think we all did. Sometimes when we’re coming into our own, becoming a man, you’re confused.”

Surprisingly, while speaking of Murphy, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions that fateful day, Luttrell said his fallen friend shared similar traits as the teen.

“If you knew Mike Murphy, you knew that he wouldn’t want a memorial bill that after him,” he said. “I mean, he had just as much fire in him probably as that 14-year-old boy does.

“Send him to me,” he said of the teen. “Take that kid, don’t put him in jail, you send him out here to me and I’ll put him to work and show him what kind of man Mike was and the legacy that he left behind because we all make mistakes and we push past them, that’s how we become the men that were bound and destined to be.”

Luttrell did say that the kid would have to work off the damage he caused, saying he “needs to know how big a deal it was.”

When asked what he would say to the teen, the former SEAL said he’d first ask him, “What’s going on?”

He added that he would tell him, “You don’t have any idea how much of that guy you have inside of you,” before suggesting that we may now see “great things out of that kid” because of the incident.

Tom Tillison


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