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Maxine Waters supporters chant & burn American flag outside her office: ‘Don’t mess with our Queen Maxine!’

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maxine waters supporters burn flag protest

Maxine Waters supporters burned an American flag and shouted “America was never great!” and “black power!” outside the Democratic Congresswoman’s Los Angeles office to protest a scheduled demonstration by a group called the Oath Keepers. That protest never materialized, but that didn’t stop unhinged libs from burning the U.S. flag.

A few dozen Waters supporters gathered outside her office on July 19, even though she had urged them in a Twitter statement not to come, saying they should not be baited into a potentially violent confrontation.

The liberal counter-protesters shouted: “This is not the American flag! This is their flag!”

The group held signs reading “We support you Maxine our congresswoman,” “Don’t mess with our Queen Maxine,” and “Deport Trump.”


The brouhaha erupted after the Oath Keepers announced a protest outside Waters’ office because she has urged liberals to harass and bully Trump aides and supporters whenever they’re out in public.


Waters and the mainstream media have denounced the Oath Keepers as a “right-wing militia group.”  On its website, the group calls itself a “non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police and first-responders” who will defend and uphold the Constitution (see mission statement below).

Oath Keepers underscored that its allegiance is not to any particular president or political party, but to the United States Constitution. What kind of unpatriotic anti-American thug would find fault with that?

CBS News reporter Dave Lopez tweeted that Oath Keepers decided to cancel its protest outside Waters’ office, presumably to avoid a violent clash with her supporters.

That was a wise and commendable decision.

Twitter photos show that the motley crew of Waters supporters was a small, straggly group.

A reporter with the Los Angeles Times tweeted that Maxine Waters supporters stole an American flag from a random car and then set it on fire, while chanting, “F–k the government!” and “America was never great!”

As BizPac Review reported, Maxine Waters incited liberals around the country to confront Trump aides and not allow them to eat or do anything in public without being bullied by an angry mob.

She was widely condemned by both liberals and conservatives for fomenting violence. In June 2018, a reporter filed assault charges against Waters after she swatted the reporter in the face with a stack of papers.


This week, Whoopi Goldberg, a Maxine Waters supporter, yelled at and spit on Fox News star Judge Jeanine Pirro during a backstage scuffle on “The View.” This is today’s radical left.

While Maxine Waters foments leftist violence, this is what the impoverished, crime-ridden district she represents (but refuses to live in) looks like.

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Samantha Chang


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