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Legal immigrant’s business revoked by Chamber of Commerce, becomes target for his Trump support

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A cafe in California owned by a legal immigrant was targeted by the left for its owner’s support of President Trump.

The Asher Caffé & Lounge was subjected to protests and had its membership from the local Chamber of Commerce revoked because owner Asher Shalom agrees with Trump’s immigration policies.

Shalom told Brian Kilmeade on “Fox & Friends” Thursday that as a naturalized citizen and a legal immigrant who came to the U.S. 30 years ago, he has a problem with those who come into the country illegally. And this stance of defending the laws of America have made him a target of backlash in his community of Boyle Heights.

The majority of Shalom’s 70 employees in the Kosher cafe are immigrants themselves and his son, David, said they were “astonished that simply voicing support” for the president by reposting pro-Trump messages on social media “is inciting to people.”

“It’s a shame that expressing pro-Trump sentiment has really caused all of this divide,” he said, explaining that they were on “good terms” with the community before.

Protesters outside of Shalom’s business were featured in a video posted to Facebook by anti-Trump group “Defend Boyle Heights” and showed demonstrators shouting “These racists have got to go” and “Shame!” at patrons of the cafe.

“This Gentry business is trying to creep in without folks noticing that their owner is an anti-immigrant Trump loving gentryfier!” the group said, arguing that Shalom’s cafe supported gentrification of the community.

“They are against anything new that comes to this area, so we are confused,” Asher Shalom told Kilmeade.

“One of the reasons that I’m pro-Trump and I love him [is] because I’ve been in the textile business for about 30 years and I saw how we lost a lot of businesses to China,” he said.

Shalom’s views “are not in line with the values and objectives of the Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce,” Boyle Heights Chamber of Commerce President Jennifer Lahoda said in a letter revoking the Chamber membership of the business.

But for all the hate being spewed, there were many supporting the cafe and its owner, denouncing the shameful attacks by radical leftists.

Frieda Powers


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