Laura Ingraham zings Obama with a hard dose of reality for bashing Trump’s ‘strongman politics’

Former President Barack Obama went before the world this week to take veiled shots at his successor, President Donald Trump, warning that the world is at a cross roads and “strongman politics are ascendant suddenly.”

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham had the perfect response to yet another sanctimonious lecture from Obama, aptly describing his Johannesburg, South Africa address as an attempt to “breathe life into his sad legacy.”

Speaking after Trump’s Helsinki press conference, where the president later said he misspoke about Russia’s responsibility for meddling in US elections, Obama spoke at an event marking what would be the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela.

“Strongman politics are ascendant suddenly,” the former president stated. “Whereby, elections and some pretenses of democracy are maintained, those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning.”

Ingraham was quick to remind Obama that “the people and their will give democracy meaning,” as she noted he tried to put Trump on the same scale as Russian President Vladimir Putin, as if Trump was a dictator.

The Fox News host went on to detail previous strategic relationships the US has had with strongmen, adding that apparently when it came to Obama’s relationships with these individuals, all is fine.

Obama hasn’t been known for being the manliest of men.

But she really nailed it when she explained just why it is that the American people elected Donald Trump.

“Trump was elected, in part, because many Americans were fed up with the ‘weak-man’ leadership of Barack Obama, the president who drew red lines in disappearing ink,” she said.


Ingraham played a clip of Obama hitting “far right parties” who want secure borders, suggesting the desire is based on “barely hidden racial nationalism.”

“When in doubt, play the race card,” she said. “Well, this is just pure identity politics. That’s what Obama’s really good at. And on the global stage, no less.”


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