Russia corrects Putin’s false claim that US intel helped drop Russian-linked money into Hillary campaign

It seems President Donald Trump is not the only one to walk back comments made during a press conference with Vladimir Putin.

On Tuesday, Trump corrected comments he made that seemed to agree with the Russian president that his government did not interfere in the 2016 U.S. election. Now the Russian government is correcting an explosive statement made by Putin.

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The Russian state-sponsored news agency TASS reported a correction to Putin’s claim that associates of Bill Broward, a U.S. born, London-based banker, donated $400 million in un-taxed Russian money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Multiple fact-checkers investigated Putin’s comments after the press conference in Helsinki, finding the claim without merit.

According to Tass, however, what the Russian president meant to say was that Browder transferred $400,000 to accounts of the Democratic Party.

“Browder’s criminal group funneled $1.5 billion from Russia into tax havens. Of this sum, at least $400 million was transferred to the Democratic Party’s accounts. Afterwards, our president asked us to correct the sum for $400,000 from $400 million,” Alexander Kurennoy, a spokesman for the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, said Tuesday.

Politifact checkers reported that Ziff Brothers Investments, a New York venture capital firm where Browder is a partner, gave about $315,000 to Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Meanwhile, Browder himself weighed in, calling the entire episode a “total amateur hour.”

The founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management said he, in fact, donated “ZERO.”

Frieda Powers


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