Not ready to play with the big boys, GOP county boss in Ohio resigns over Trump presser

It’s not hard to argue that President Donald Trump has enemies on all sides, to include his own party.

Chris Gagin, a Republican county chairman in Ohio, resigned Monday in a knee-jerk reaction to President Donald Trump’s Helsinki press conference, where the president was hesitant to fault Russia for meddling in US election.

A lawyer by profession, Gagin is a former staffer to ex-Democratic U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson, who switched parties in 2013, reported.

That he ended up on Fox News sharing his story with the nation may be instructive to his means, but Gagin appeared to be sincere in his objections to Trump’s remarks.

Gagin, who questioned the credibility of the president saying he misspoke, told host Neil Cavuto that he expected Trump to poke his finger in Russian President Vladimir Putin’s chest before a world audience and give him what for.

“What I saw was more akin to… it’s like a hostage situation, and it’s a bridge too far,” he said.

Of course, the bad blood between Trump and Ohio Gov. John Kasich was legendary, and played out in the battle for the state chairman’s race after Trump won — Gagin was an ally of the loser of that battle, former Ohio GOP Chairman Matt Borges, according to

It’s not enough that Democrats and their media allies are yapping at Trump’s heels, looking to undermine him at every turn, not to mention many of the former leaders of the intelligence community under Barack Obama attacking the president at will.

There are also disgruntled Republicans still stinging from the 2016 primary. We can add well-meaning Republicans getting caught up in the media-driven hysteria.

Well, here’s a news flash, Mr. Gagin, confronting Putin on a world stage will do little to make the world a better place. Politics aren’t for the faint of heart, so perhaps you should have stuck to the responsibilities of a county party boss.

You can come back when you’re ready to play with the big boys.

President Trump intimated as much in a tweet early Wednesday that dismissed any benefit from a “boxing match” as he promised “big results” to come.

The “Fox & Friends” crew offered a telling explanation of why President Trump may have been hesitant to openly acknowledge Russian meddling in US elections, while stressing that his words “made our intelligence apparatus look bad.”

(The former leaders of the intelligence community under President Barack Obama do a good enough job of that on their own.)

With the left and their media allies, not to mention a few disgruntled Republicans,  questioning the legitimacy of Trump’s election, host Brian Kilmeade suggested that the president may be concerned about lending credence to the claims Russia helped him win.

“I have news for you, Senator Schumer and Hillary Clinton will never get over the fact that you won the election,” he said, speaking directly to the president. “Neither will 16 Republicans get over the fact that you won the primary.”

Kilmeade noted that Russia did not help, before added that President Trump’s gaffe is “easily correctable.”

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