Cop fires 11 shots through his front windshield while on harrowing chase. Dashcam plays like an action movie

Police body camera footage showed a heart-pounding video of a high-speed chase near downtown Las Vegas.

An officer fired 11 shots through his windshield at a pair of murder suspects in a high-speed chase last week, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

Officer William Umana was seen in the video pursuing the suspects, Fidel Miranda, 22, and Rene Nunez, 30, last Wednesday while shouting “shots fired, shots fired” into his radio.

According to the Review-Journal:

As the chase neared its end, Umana, 43, pulled his car closer to the SUV and fired 11 shots through his windshield and seven shots through his open window.

Nunez exited the car as it was still moving near Hollingsworth Elementary School, 1776 E. Ogden Ave., and ran up steps outside of the school and attempted to enter, but the door was locked, Kelly said.

Miranda moved to the driver’s seat and attempted to back up toward Umana, Kelly said. Umana left his car and continued to fire while plainclothes officer Paul Solomon, 46, approached the passenger-side door.


The suspects fired 34 rounds during the pursuit, while officers fired 31 shots, Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Sheriff Tim Kelly said.

Paul Solomon, a plainclothes officer who was not wearing a bodycam, shot Miranda as he approached the passenger-side door of the suspects’ vehicle. Miranda was handcuffed while a call was made for medical help, however, the suspects was pronounced dead at the scene.

Nunez, who had gunshot wounds from the pursuit or from a shooting earlier that morning, was arrested, the Review-Journal reported. Nunez is accused of stealing the SUV on May 20 in North Las Vegas and one of the guns used during the chase was reported stolen May 20, Kelly told the Review-Journal.

Miranda and Nunez are suspected in the death of Thomas Romero. The  25-year-old was shot multiple times in the chest Wednesday at a car wash.

Nunez faces multiple charges of murder with a deadly weapon and attempted murder with a deadly weapon.

Kelly praised Umana and Solomon as heroes, adding that Umana “could have backed off, but he didn’t.”

Frieda Powers


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