Art gallery forced to take down grotesque Trump beheading with giant expletive in store window

A Portland art gallery went a little too far with its Trump Derangement Syndrome and has been forced to remove “artwork” in its window depicting President Donald Trump having his throat slit with a knife.

One Grand Gallery launched a show called “F*ck You Mr. President,” and the display promoted the politically-charged show, KGW-TV reported. In all, the show featured art from more than two dozen anti-Trump artists.

Never mind that this is what you may encounter on a causal troll in the liberal city, the establishment was bombarded with negativity after social media users went to work calling attention to not only the disgusting display, but the gallery’s contact information.

*Caution: Vulgar Language

The artist behind the display, Compton Creep, defended the artistic integrity of the mural, the NBC affiliate reported.

“It’s an artistic interpretation of the chaos going on right now, nothing more,” Creep said.

But what goes up, eventually comes down.

FOX 12 Oregon reporter Tyler Dumont shared a photo online of the sickening artwork being removed Tuesday afternoon, reporting that the gallery received “threats.”

“We just spoke with the gallery founder who put it up — told me “People want the gallery to go up in flames with my family,” the reporter tweeted.

The landlord told KGW-TV that he told the tenant to take down the display and the station reported that the gallery in now empty.

A tweet from an account identified as Oregon state Rep. Bill Post that called the gallery founder a “coward,” said the landlord had requested that the mural be taken down.

Amid the social media backlash, even a self-identified Trump hater took major offense.

@OneGrandGallery seriously no class if my kid and I had walked by and seen that you would have needed a new window and I hate Trump,” the tweet read. “I guess you think a psychopaths wet dream is art. Can’t wait for the next headline of when you have to move locations or close altogether.”

The mural wasn’t the only thing that came down, as One Grand Gallery took down its Facebook page, which was being inundated with negative responses.

Tom Tillison


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