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Heaps of embarrassment for media elites who were sure they spotted ‘Russian spy’ in Oval Office

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The liberal media’s bloodthirsty pursuit of any evidence linking President Trump to Russia has backfired in one epic incident.

There was a blue-check pileup as an old photo released by the Russian news agency TASS was thought to reveal Maria Butina in the Oval Office meeting with President Trump last year.

(Image: screengrab)

The Russian national who was charged Monday is accused of conspiring with Americans in a secret Russian effort to influence American politics.

Mic reporter Emily Singer was sure excited with the discovery.

Dr. Dena Grayson, wife of former U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, also tweeted but later removed the image, which is seen in this screenshot via Twitchy.

There was only one problem with the hysteria over the alleged Russian spy in the Oval Office.

Singer’s deleted tweet was captured before it disappeared.

Cari Grace Lutkins of the National Security Council was revealed as the mystery woman.

A blue check reporter tweeting and being re-tweeted with false information, and it didn’t take long for many others to grab the torches and pitchforks.

The damage continued to spread even though the claim was debunked several times, and Singer’s tweet was deleted.

But for some liberals, all the proof in the world will never be enough.


Frieda Powers


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