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Oh dear, a wink and a nod … the world will suffer! Trump-Putin body language spins into hysterics

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As President Donald Trump meets with Vladimir Putin, all ears will be on his remarks and communication with the Russian president.

But let’s face it, Trump’s every move will be analyzed by the left as they look for ways to confirm the long-held, long-unproven accusation that the two leaders colluded in the 2016 election – and are still colluding.

(Image: screenshot)

Right on cue, video and images from the meeting in Helsinki, Finland sparked plenty of commentary on social media as viewers watched the sometimes awkward body language from the two men – and a wink of the eye by Trump that took off online.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted an odd photo of the leaders that appears to feature Putin with his eyes closed.

Just as Trump’s meeting with Queen Elizabeth II while on his UK visit sparked all kinds of reaction when he “literally eclipsed” the monarch, the president’s every move will be watched for signs of – well, anything.

A nod, a wink and even a smile from Trump sent alarmist liberals into a meltdown.

But the left’s freak-out was just another gift for Trump supporters.

Frieda Powers


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