Family of Marine Corps combat vet running for Senate turns on him, supports opponent because he walked away from Dems

Kevin Nicholson is a lifelong Democrat who finally woke up to the realities of today’s Democratic Party and joined the #WalkAway movement.

He is now running as a first-time candidate in the Wisconsin Republican primary for U.S. Senate and his family is so furious they are supporting his incumbent opponent, Sen. .

Nicholson, a decorated Marine Corps veteran who served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, has a clever tagline: #SendInTheMarine

Detailing a story similar to millions of Mid-west families, Nicholson wrote an op-ed that was published on

“My decision to be a Democrat was never a decision. It was just expected of me,” the vet explained. “It was understood. Born into a family of Democrats, my grandfather would often spend weekends talking to me about his respect for Franklin Roosevelt and his annoyance with President Reagan. I listened and absorbed, but was not yet ready to think critically about what I was told – or to decide for myself.”

Needless to say, today’s Marxist-inspired progressive party is not his grandfather’s party.

“I love and miss my grandfather, but life has since taught me that thinking critically about the principles of the Democrat party is never encouraged because if you do, you have no choice but to leave – to walk away,” Nicholson said.

And he didn’t mince his words in describing the party he knows intimately.

“The Democrat party is not the party of tolerance. It is not the party of acceptance,” Nicholson wrote. “It is the party of intolerance. It is the party of closed doors, but open borders. It is the party of judgement. It is the party of identity politics. And that is why the #WalkAway movement is resonating.”

The reasons he made the choice came “through the experience of my marriage, the birth of my three children, my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my savior, my time fighting in two wars, and my experience in business since leaving the Marine Corps.”

And it came at personal cost, as his parents failed to accept his decision and doubled down on the intolerance he spoke of.

“My parents have since turned their back on me, my wife, their grandchildren, and their extended family,” the Marine shared. “Adding to this, they decided to make the maximum contribution to my Democrat opponent in my campaign for U.S. Senate in Wisconsin, an intentional personal blow that made headlines across the country.

“It was deliberate – and it is a true representation of the intolerance of a political philosophy that stands on the false platform of tolerance.”

This intolerance is a common experience for the former Democrat, as seen in a recent tweet:

“An opponent criticized me today & said: “he hasn’t lived here [in WI] his whole life as I have.” Yes, it’s true. I joined the military, lived in Iraq & Afg & protected this country, including your right to attack me. Nonsense like this is the reason people hate politicians,” Nicholson tweeted.

Here’s a sampling of responses to Nicholson’s op-ed, from all sides of the political spectrum:

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