Duped: At least 21 newspapers run identical ‘letter to editor’ hitting Kavanaugh under different names

While it’s not clear who’s behind it, an effort known as astroturfing was launched last week to slam President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

At least 21 newspapers around the US ran identical letters to the editor opposing Kavanaugh, claiming the federal appeals court judge is a threat to “everything we hold dear as a nation.”

The dishonest campaign took place over a four day period, according to the Daily Mail, and each letter was published with a different person signing off on it.

Big market papers like the Dallas Morning News and The Washington Times ran with the letters, the British tabloid reported.

“From protecting a woman’s right to choose to dismantling the Affordable Care Act, Judge Kavanaugh could be the swing vote that takes away our rights,” the letter warns.

Below is a version ran in the Washington Times.

Photo Source Daily Mail

The same letter is seen below in the Columbia Dispatch:

Photo Source Daily Mail

After being contacted by the Daily Mail, the Morning News quickly deleted the letter from its website — and stated that it had not yet run in print.

The Dallas newspaper owned up to being duped, as did at least one other paper.

Photo Source Daily Mail

Richard Lodge, editor of The Eagle-Tribune in North Andover, Massachusetts, told the Daily Mail that he called the woman who signed the letter they ran, only to be told that she didn’t send it.

The woman told the editor she recalled getting a phone call from an anti-Kavanaugh activist asking her to sign an online petition against him days before the letter was sent in her name.

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