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This book series ‘is going to change the country’: Pro-American ‘Camp Valor’ bucking left-wing bias for teens

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We often hear about the liberal slant in schools, music and movies, but you may not be aware that young adult books for pleasure having the same liberal lean. Industry-wide, progressives have naturally dominated.

But there’s a new book for young adults that bucks the left-wing trend by essentially ignoring politics altogether — an almost unheard of proposition today.

Titled “Camp Valor,” the book is a thriller by Scott McEwen and Hof Williams about a secretive government training camp for troubled teens that aspires to turn their lives around.

“Camp Valor is a secret training ground for teenage government agents, filled with juvenile offenders ― badasses who don’t play by the rules ― who desperately need a second chance. If they can prove themselves over their three month stay and survive Hell Week, they will enter the ranks of the most esteemed soldiers in the United States military,” the book’s description explains.

The book’s main character, Wyatt Brewer, is offered this second chance after being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

More on the book and why it stands out in today’s political climate from the New York Post:

“Camp Valor” is striking for what it is not. Race is not discussed in the book, gender is an afterthought. Several of the central characters in the book are girls, but their role is not expressly female. One of them makes out with the main character. Another kills and eats people. They’re both described as attractive.

The races of most of the characters aren’t specified either. The movie version of this book, should it be made, could easily feature a multiracial cast, but literary criticism website Kirkus made sure to note in its review that “with minor exceptions the cast defaults to white — although the hacker’s sidekick, Raquel, a barely restrainable psychotic killer, is Syrian/Lebanese.”


Books for young adults are overwhelmingly progressive, politically correct to a fault, but the publisher of “Camp Valor” falls back on choice and diversity of thought.

“If all we published were books with a liberal bent (or only conservative books, for that matter) we’d be doing the readers a terrible disservice,” said Marc Resnick, executive editor at St. Martin’s Press. “Let them decide what they want to read. It shouldn’t be me shaping their taste — or a bookseller, or a publisher.”

One best-selling YA author told The Post he was discouraged from writing from a boy’s perspective —  seven of the 10 books currently on the young-adult hardcover New York Times bestseller list feature a girl as the main protagonist, according to the paper.

A literary agent who also asked to remain anonymous — gee, I wonder why — told The Post that if a non-liberal book was successful, it will pave the way for similar content.

“If there were major hits, I think you’d see more conservative content in the space,” he said, before adding that it isn’t easy because “the industry is almost exclusively staffed at every level with very progressive-minded people.”

Anthony Scaramucci, the former Trump White House communications director, did his part to ensure that success, giving “Camp Valor” quite the plug on social media.

“This is the book series that is going to change the country!” he tweeted.

Tom Tillison


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