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68-yr-old Dem congresswoman gets desperate for votes, dances to rapper’s hit song for attention

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If you want to know what desperation looks like, then take a glimpse at Rep. Joyce Beatty, a Democrat congresswoman who danced on camera to a rap song last week to drum up support among the youth.


Nice moves, grandma …

The 68-year-old congresswoman and her staffers specifically danced to rapper Drake’s “In My Feelings,” a Billboard hit that’s inspired a similarly named #InMyFeelings dance challenge among tweens.

The challenge began in late June when an Instagram personality known as Shiggy uploaded a video that showed him performing a silly dance routine to Drake’s song. This routine subsequently went viral, thus spawning the overhyped #InMyFeelings challenge.

Regarding the song, it contains a line in which Drake asks if some woman named “Kiki” loves him. Beatty made sure to reference Kiki on Twitter, of course.

“I don’t know who Keke is but I want her to vote next November because this @WhiteHouse has me and many other Americans ‘in my feelings,'” she wrote.

Apparently, to be “in my feelings”  means to suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome

While there’s nothing wrong with Beatty shaking her badonkadonk like it’s 1999, especially since Trump’s previously done the same thing, her move does reek of desperation, especially when you take into account the Democrat Party’s waning influence among millennials.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll published two months ago found that millennial support for Democrats has dropped from an impressive 55 percent in 2016 to just 46 percent now. Support among white millennials is especially low.

Also take into consideration the Democrat Party’s waning influence among all Americans. At the start of the year both Democrats and their media allies thought for certain that a “blue wave” was imminent come the November midterms. That dream has since dissipated like a fog.

Not only are disillusioned Democrats leaving the party in droves, but speculation has begun mounting that there might even be a “red wave” approaching. It should come as no shocker given the Democrats’ increasingly volatile antics.

As for Beatty’s dance routine, while some people celebrated it, the rest wondered whether silly dance moves were all the Democrat Party had to offer anymore besides promises for free stuff.


Pretty much.

Vivek Saxena


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