Attorney says being in US illegally should be treated like driving 10 miles over the speed limit – we all do it

Illegal immigrant attorney Cesar Vargas made light of the crime of overstaying visas, comparing the offense to just “getting a parking ticket.”

Vargas, who is actually an undocumented attorney allowed to practice law, weighed in on the debate over abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Why does ICE exist?” the first openly undocumented lawyer to be licensed in New York, asked Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade who was sitting in for Tucker Carlson Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Vargas argued against the federal agency contending that resources could be used in better ways than worrying about deporting a college student or “a day laborer who is working in your house.”

Kilmeade pushed back, saying ICE officials are doing their job and enforcing the U.S. laws already in effect. He asked if ICE agents should “just walk away” if they come across those who have skipped out on the legal requirements of living in America.

“Just as a state trooper lets the person driving 70 miles per hour on a 60 mile per hour road, he lets him go, and he pursues the one that’s speeding 100 miles per hour, there’s discretion there,” Vargas responded.

“Doesn’t it make your job harder when we’re making the bad guys law enforcement?” Kilmeade asked.

“I think there are bad guys in law enforcement,” Vargas replied.

Law enforcement officials make “$60,000 to walk out with a kevlar vest everyday, and in Philadelphia they are screamed at and spit on,” Kilmeade interjected.

When pressed about whether laws should be enforced for those who have overstayed their visas, Vargas said officers should “focus on fighting crime in their communities, and they should be building relationships with their immigrant communities to ensure that we are investigating violent offenses.”

“Is it a crime to overstay your visa or be here illegally?” Kilemade asked.

“It’s a civil offense — it’s just like getting a parking ticket,” Vargas replied.

Frieda Powers


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