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A funny thing happened when Sean Hannity asked London protesters why they hate Trump

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When Fox News host Sean Hannity hit the streets of London on Friday to question local anti-Trump protesters about their opposition to President Donald Trump and his visit to their island nation, he discovered something totally unsurprising: They didn’t have a clue.

They literally knew nothing about the president, his policies and his administration. Nothing except for whatever left-wing dogma they had heard on television. Take this fellow who couldn’t specify a single Trump policy he dislikes:

“What specifically don’t you like about Trump?” Hannity initially asked the guy.

“I don’t like his policies,” the guy replied.

When the Fox News host asked the man to specify just one specific policy, he of course replied by citing “all of them.” The back-and-forth exchange continue for a bit longer til the protester gave up and tried to switch the subject, of course.

Hannity elicited similar responses from every other protester he spoke with:

One protester even had the audacity to claim, “I think a lot of British people are more intelligent than the Americans are when it comes to voting.”

Is that why Trump commands a higher approval rating in the United States than British Prime Minister Theresa May commands in the U.K.? In fact, Trump reportedly commands a higher approval rating than every other major world leader …

“I think he represents everything that is toxic about Western culture and Western history, and I’m furious,” another protester complained.

It’s sad, because those who hate Western culture and Western history — both of which are the foundations of the civilized world — tend to think very highly of Islamic culture and history, which are riddled with violence, sexism, misogyny, homophobia and terrorism.

“I think America is divided, like Britain. I think part of America is deeply ashamed and part of America has been hoodwinked,” another protester said.

She was technically right, though she had it backwards. She thinks the president’s supporters have been hoodwinked, but conservatives would argue that it’s low-information liberals who’ve been hoodwinked into supporting policies that would hurt their well-being.

Hannity’s appearance in London coincided with the president’s visit to the U.K. this weekend to meet with Queen Elizabeth II and hold a joint press conference with May.

The otherwise historic meeting was slightly marred by anti-Trump protesters like those pictured above who marched in the streets for what appeared to be no legitimate reason whatsoever.

Like the Fox News host said to one protester, “You’re just here to have a party. Be honest.”


Vivek Saxena


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