‘Not surprising!’ Former Hillary aide calls for a ‘sellout list’ of progressives who don’t toe the Party line

The former spokesman for Hillary Clinton suggested the creation of an enemies list of sellout progressives to ban from “future Democratic administrations.”

Brian Fallon tweeted about his belief that progressives should break up “the gross, backscratching, legal ecosystem where Ivy League corporate lawyers” on both sides of the political aisle help each other climb the ladder.

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And the former press secretary for Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign proposed a blacklist as a solution.

That certainly raised some eyebrows on Twitter.

Fallon, who began serving as executive director of a new, nonprofit organization aimed at blocking President Trump from appointing federal judges, also commented on how federal judges’ “lived experience differs too profoundly from those impacted by their rulings.”

Fallon’s suggested plan for an enemy list of sorts drew plenty of commentary and condemnation on Twitter.

Frieda Powers


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